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Our Commitment

Italy's culture is as rich in tradition as it is diversity. The country is united by an insatiable
appetite for life, a passionate devotion to flavor, and most of all, a love of good food
produced with great respect for the land and its heritage.

It's the Italian passion that served as inspiration for our ranch's name - Dalla Terra.
Translated to mean, "From the Land," Dalla Terra is the perfect symbolism for the vision
of our ranch.

All natural. Highest of quality. Exceptional taste.

At Dalla Terra Ranch, we are about preservation - the preservation of the land, the
preservation of the breeding tradition and the preservation of the quality of life for our

Here are a few of the attributes which set Dalla Terra Ranch apart:

  • We produce 100 percent grass fed/finished Iowa lamb.
  • We received organic certification in 2011.
  • Our lamb graze freely with no confinement or feedlots.
  • We manage our flock naturally so as to eliminate undue stress on our flock. We don't dock tails, shear wool, or trim hooves unneccessarily.
  • We use no antibiotics, vaccinations or hormones unless absolutely necessary for the health of the animal.
  • Our Katahdin lamb is tender, lean, flavorful and rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
  • Our unique lamb contain higher levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLAs) and lower levels of saturated fat than conventional grain-fed lamb.

We are situated on 150 acres in the heartland of America in central Iowa - a place rich in
its own agriculture tradition

We look forward to serving you.

Sharon Krause, Owner & Rancher

Dalla Terra Ranch



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