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The Ranch

Our ranch is conveniently located in central-Iowa, the Heartland of American agriculture. Our ewes and lambs enjoy a peaceful, uninterrupted lifestyle amongst a lush pasture and shady trees.

The natural vitamins and nutrients gained through pasture grazing nourish ewes who are exceptional mothers with endless supplies of milk for their lambs.

All natural. Highest of quality. Exceptional taste.

We work to eliminate all undue stress placed on our animals. Because hair sheep shed their wool each spring, they aren’t subjected to the stress of being confined and shorn. A ewe shedding her wool will soon reveal a smooth, healthy hair coat underneath leaving her cool for the summer months.

Meet Bo & Luke Duke. The Dukes of Hazard are our year-old Great Pyrenees Mountain dogs. Instinctually, these brothers do a wonderful job protecting the flock from predators as our ewes and lambs peacefully graze in the pasture. Nighttime is when their real work begins as most predators are nocturnal in nature. 

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