Lambs & Meat

We are currently accepting orders for processed lamb in late Fall, 2021. Lambs will be delivered to the locker in mid-December. If interested, please contact

Each year we have a limited number of bottle lambs available during lambing in May. If interested, please email us at and let us know if you are interested in males, females, or both. Males are sold in-tact. $50 per lamb with a 5% discount when purchasing 6 or more.

Growing your flock? Interested in registered breeding stock? Email us at and let us know what your needs are — both ram lambs and ewe lambs available in August. We’ll put you on the list! Pricing varies.

Feeder lambs are available each year in August, following weaning. Give a shout to to be put on the list for feeder lambs. Pricing varies, $75-$125 with a 5% discount when purchasing 6 or more.