Organic Certification

Dalla Terra Ranch has been certified organic since 2009. Our lamb are raised on rolling hills of organic pasture. We recognize the health benefits — both for the animal and the consumer — which come from grass finishing, and we wouldn’t do it any other way.    

At this time, there aren’t any certified organic lockers processing lamb in Iowa. Transporting lamb long distances out-of-state to be processed isn’t what we do. For the health and welfare of the animals and for the quality of our meat, we believe local processing is best. So, you won’t see the organic certification logo on our products. (In order to bear the organic certification label, animals must be raised organically and processed in a certified organic plant.) Rest assured, our lamb are raised on organic pasture, without hormones or any non-organic supplement or treatment. We look forward someday to a certified organic processing facility opening in central-Iowa!