Our Flock

Bred for meat rather than wool, our Katahdin Hair Sheep produce meat which is tender, lean, flavorful and rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Plain and simple, our flock grazes freely and solely on rich, organic pasture of grass, clover and alfalfa; we aren’t a confinement or feedlot operation. Happy in its environment, our flock lives outdoors all day, every day.   

We manage our lamb without the use of antibiotics or hormones unless the health of an animal is in jeopardy.

We harvest all hay for winter feeding from our pastures so we have complete control over quality and quantity.

All undue flock stress is avoided. We don’t dock tails, shear wool, castrate, or trim hooves unnecessarily.

Thanks to some on-farm mentoring from Dr. Temple Grandin, we herd our flock with the use of a subtle clicker. When it’s time, the flock moves peacefully through a rotational grazing system of over 25 pastures. Animals are moved frequently in summer months for their health and to improve the health of our pastures. 

Temple designed our corral layout; the flock is calm and relaxed as it moves through sorting and health-maintenance activities.

Dr. Temple Grandin & Sharon Krause, Dalla Terra Ranch

Natural predators are a destructive threat in Iowa. We have two Italian Maremma guard dogs who live with and protect the flock at all times.
They naturally bond with the flock as if they are one of the family.